About the Club

The HPD Motorcycle Club was founded by Robert Fulton, a sergeant with the Hoboken Police Department. Having participated in many motorcycle runs over the years, Bob always wanted to have a motorcycle run that was close to home and one that everyone could become involved in.

So, in 2005, he decided to organize a local run to the Pocono Mountains.  After sharing his ideas with several of his colleagues, the 1st run was organized.  Bob and his co-workers, John Cirillo, Arbend Drishti & Peter Zanin got together to form the 1st run in October of the following year.

The 1st run generated about 25 motorcycles & about 30 or so participants, mainly through word of mouth.  The run left from Hoboken & had breakfast at a local Milford, PA restaurant that was known for it's tremendous breakfast buffet.  The excess money that was raised that year was donated to a local charity.

Since that 1st run, it was decided that whatever excess funds raised by the runs were to be donated to a local worthy cause.  Since that first run, we have made donations to local christmas toys drives, the American Cancer Society, to support our fellow police officers serving in the military overseas, and to help the family of a young woman who tragically lost her life in a motor vehicle accident.  Along with the run fees, we have sought sponsorship of the run from local businesses to help boost the amount that can be donated. Beginning in 2015, we will also seek online donations to support our charitable efforts.  Unfortunately, because of construction going on at our meeting place (police hq's), we were unable to hold a run in 2013 & 2014, but we have since obtained an organizing point and will once again resume the run in 2015.

We are humbled to say that our run has continued to grow on our initial success in 2006, attracting more participants in each of the years our run is held.  Our 6th Annual Run in 2011 produced our most participants to date, with more than 100 motorcycles & participants joining us for our trip to the Poconos.

In addition, our run staff has also grown to include several additional members, including Arbend's brother, Ed Drishti, Iraq War veteran Josh Velez, Mario Novo, Mike Aviles, and Anthony Carbone.  In order to provide an organized structure for the run, the club was formed and continues to operate as a functioning club with members.

  Unlike other clubs, we always welcome new riders to our runs...joining our club is not a pre-requisite to participating in our runs.  In order to participate, one only needs to register, agree to abide by the Club's Run Safety Rules, and safety enjoy the ride with us.  We look forward to having you join us.



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