How to Donate

People have asked, "How can I help support you guys?" Although we would love to have everyone join us on our run, sometimes they can't for numerous reasons.  Because the club operates as a non-profit entity, no member or officer recieves compensation for their service. We are like minded individuals, seeking to help a worthy cause while enjoying our favorite past time, motorcycling.

When it comes to raising money each year, we rely on a dedicated group of individuals and businesses who support our goals by becoming run sponsors, donating money, goods and services to our clud in order to facilitate our fund raising efforts.  We have also received donations from individuals who did not ride, but wanted to support our efforts, but mostly, our funding comes from those individuals who come each year to ride with us as both a show of support and because they love to ride with us.

As we can only charge so much as a run fee, we gladly accept donations from individuals and/or businesses who wish to support our efforts. Some of the ways you can help us are:

= Financial Donations via our web site links =

= Financial Sponsorship of a Charity Run =

= Sponsorship of Run Equipment/Supplies =

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, we welcome your assistance.  Please contact us directly or follow one of the links on our web site to participate, and thank you for for your support.



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