How to Volunteer

Again, people asking "How can I help you guys?", may not be able to provide monetary support, but would like to assist us by providing support in the form of manpower.  Believe me, this is also one big way to assist us.

A motorcycle run, especially a large one, requires a number of people to provide assistance.  From check-ins and registration, to providing parking directions, to providing refreshments or manning a the backbones of our organization is our & friends of members, or just friends of the club.  We get together to coordinate the run and celebrate afterward.  Trust us, if you want to volunteer, we have something for you to help us with!  Some of the ways you can volunteer to help are:

= Assisting as Parking Directors for incoming participants =

= Assisting with Check-ins, Registrations and distribution of materials =

= Manning Check-Points or assisting with on-site events =

= Assisting our Road Captains as Safety Officers and Road Guards =

If you are interested in volunteering your efforts and/or expertise, we again welcome your assistance.  Please contact us directly by telephone, e-mail, or reach out for us on social media...we look forward to working with you.



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